Income Report October 2019 – I broke into 2 figure profits!

Here I am, with a very late report for this month.
But guess what, my investment portfolio has gone through a breakthrough and is seeing 2 figure monthly income!
Fun way of mentioning that aside, it already means around 15% yearly interest rate, which I wouldn’t believe would be possible without getting into some serious risk. And the rate is supposed to get higher as some investments have not started to make the payments yet

Quick glance

Didn’t invest in any P2P platforms last month. I am working on a project that differs from P2P quite a bit and I’ll make sure to share it here on the blog once I have made decent progress with it
By the 1st of November 2019, my portfolio stands at the value of €1044.72
Total income is at €44.72. I could go out and have a decent but lonely night out here in Estonia if I were to cash out now
October income in total was €12.40 (Up from €6.82 of last month)
I’ll break it down by the platforms.


Grupeer happened to be the first platform for me to put money on.
I might add more to my Grupeer balance in the near future as Mintos’s current state is not very promising even though I believe the return rates will get back up to decent rates
So far the €100.00 I put in it has generated +€6.03 income.


Mintos has been slowing down recently in terms of interest rates and while it definitely saddens me, I believe it’s going to pick up in upcoming months. I’ve put €200.00 in it overall. So far it has generated +€11.27


There’s nothing to be unhappy about the current state with Envestio. Envestio holds the majority of my investments and so far none of the projects has missed any payments

There’s a +€5.00 income bonus that comes as a result of registering through my referral code and if you also want to receive €5.00 Bonus on your first deposit 0.5% cashback on all your investments during the first 270 days you can use this link to register


Crowdestor is not doing bad either. If every project I invested in the platform goes smoothly, I’m looking at an average interest rate of 19.23% which would be a dream for any passive investor

What’s going to happen in October

I am working on something different than P2P investments currently and will update the blog with more information on it as soon as it’s at a state that I like.
For now, tho, I feel like keeping these investments at a nice round number of €1000 is not that terrible of an idea

And I am also hoping to write more blog posts that are not income reports, so will try to make time for those

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