Income Report May 2019 – Humble beginnings

This is the first entry for this blog and I’ll begin with a post that encapsulates the soul of the blog: Update stating what kind of investments I have made during last month, my reasoning behind them and some numbers showing how well my investments have performed during the month.

As it is the first month I am ever doing this, there’s not much data to put into nice looking informative charts. But I’ll still try my best.

Quick glance

Overall I’ve invested +€300.00 in May
+€100.00 in Grupeer
+€100.00 in Mintos
+€100.00 in Envestio
By the 1st of June 2019, my portfolio stands at a humble value of €305.86
I’ll break it down by the platforms.

Income from all platforms


Grupeer happened to be the first platform for me to put money on. The reason I went with Grupeer is that currently, all investment opportunities in the platform come with buyback guarantee, meaning that the amount of risk you are taking is substantially lower than competing platforms (But still not absent). This does lead to relatively lower return rates of 13% I observed during the second half of May, but time will tell if the performance and stability of the platform will make up for it
So far the €100.00 I put in it has generated +€0.65 income.
I intend to write a review on Mintos detailing my experience soon.


Mintos is one of the oldest European P2P investment platforms out there, and my research on it has led me to trust in it enough to put €100.00 in it. So far it has made me +€0.21


Project I invested €105.00 in

Because of the buyback guarantee that the platform offers at 5% penalty and based on the past stability of the projects on the platform, I didn’t mind investing in a high yield crypto mining project at 19.3% yearly return rate
If the +€5.00 income I stated above for Envestio seems too good to be true, that’s because it is. In fact, I have not yet made a single cent as an interest payment through the platform. The +€5.00 income comes as a result of registering through a referral code and if you also want to receive €5.00 Bonus on your first deposit 0.5% cashback on all your investments during the first 270 days you can use this link to register

What’s going to happen in June

I am planning to gradually increase my exposure to the investments as I become more confident in the performance of the platforms. For June, I am planning to add €200.00 in my portfolio. Where it’ll go towards will largely depend on if I stumble upon a good signing bonus or a good campaign on any of the platforms I am currently on. You can let me know about the platforms of your preference as well.


If this article has been helpful for you feel free to let me know down in the comments.
If you would like some other numbers or want me to cover some other content, I’d also love to receive your feedback.

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