Income Report July 2019 – Made some money

Well hello, fellow Heros.
July was full of travelling and fun memories for me, thanks for asking!
What annoys me lately is that since the beginning of June Facebook has blocked any and all links coming to this website… If you have any solution in mind I’d be delighted if you contacted me because I have some ideas on interesting blog posts to write but knowing that I won’t be able to share them on Facebook hinders the potential reach
As promised, I added €200.00 to my portfolio overall this month as well.
I was looking into the possible platforms to invest in and asked a few investors who have way more experience than I do like Angelo from and in the end, decided to just add more money to existing platforms

Quick glance

Overall I’ve invested +€200.00 in July
+€100.00 in Mintos
+€100.00 in Crowdestor
By the 1st of August 2019, my portfolio stands at the value of €718.12
Total income is at €17.66. meaning I could go out and pay my phone bill for the last month if I were to cash out with my current income
July income in total was €7.09
I’ll break it down by the platforms.


Grupeer happened to be the first platform for me to put money on. The reason I went with Grupeer is that currently, all investment opportunities in the platform come with buyback guarantee, meaning that the amount of risk you are taking is substantially lower than competing platforms (But still not absent). This does lead to relatively lower return rates, but time will tell if the performance and stability of the platform will make up for it
So far the €100.00 I put in it has generated +€2.80 income.
I intend to write a review on Grupeer detailing my experience.


Mintos is one of the oldest European P2P investment platforms out there, and my research on it has led me to trust in it enough to put €100.00 more in it last month. So far it has made me +€4.08


In June I added +€100.00 in my Envestio account and hasn’t been able to find a project to invest it on through the whole month but in July Envestio published some new projects so all is good there

There’s a +€5.00 income bonus that comes as a result of registering through a referral code and if you also want to receive €5.00 Bonus on your first deposit 0.5% cashback on all your investments during the first 270 days you can use this link to register


The project I invested in Crowdestor

In July I added €100.00 in my Crowdestor account and invested in one new project… I also received some interest from the last project so Crowdestor has started to make profit and it’s even leading the other platforms for me at €3.01

What’s going to happen in August

I am planning to continue increasing my exposure to the investments as I become more confident in the performance of the platforms. Just like last month, I am planning to add €200.00 in my portfolio. Where it’ll go towards will largely depend on if I stumble upon a good signing bonus or a good campaign on any of the platforms I am currently on. You can let me know about the platforms of your preference as well, just add a comment below

And I am also hoping to write more blog posts that are not income reports, so will try to make time for those

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