Income Report August 2019 – Why did I receive less income this month?

I made less money in August compared to July from my investments. The reason is the irregular payment schedule Crowdestor projects tend to have. In my case, I got some income in July but not in August.

Quick glance

Overall I’ve invested +€200.00 in August
+€200.00 in Envestio
By the 1st of September 2019, my portfolio stands at the value of €925.33
Total income is at €25.33. I could go out and pay my home internet bill for a month if I were to cash out now
August income in total was €6.42 (Down from €7.09 of last month)
I’ll break it down by the platforms.


Grupeer happened to be the first platform for me to put money on. I went with Grupeer because currently, all investment opportunities in the platform come with buyback guarantee, meaning that the amount of risk you are taking is substantially lower than competing platforms (But still not absent). This does lead to relatively lower return rates, but time will tell if the performance and stability of the platform will make up for it
So far the €100.00 I put in it has generated +€3.90 income.


Mintos has been slowing down recently in terms of interest rates and while it definitely saddens me, I believe it’s going to pick up in upcoming months. I’ve put €200.00 in it overall. So far it has generated +€5.64


In August I added +€200.00 in my Envestio account and discovered that it is not going to be easy to find new projects. In the end the money I added ended up being left parked for weeks … I’ll make sure to be more attentive about when I am adding funds in the future

There’s a +€5.00 income bonus that comes as a result of registering through a referral code and if you also want to receive €5.00 Bonus on your first deposit 0.5% cashback on all your investments during the first 270 days you can use this link to register


Irregular payment schedules of Crowdestor is the reason I had less income during August. But overall the projects I have invested in it are moving along as expected, so no reason for panic

What’s going to happen in September

I am planning to continue increasing my exposure to the investments as I become more confident in the performance of the platforms. Just like last month, I am planning to add €200.00 in my portfolio. Where it’ll go towards will largely depend on if I stumble upon a good signing bonus or a good campaign on any of the platforms I am currently on. You can let me know about the platforms of your preference as well, just add a comment below

And I am also hoping to write more blog posts that are not income reports, so will try to make time for those

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