How to get a free US company share in Europe easily

Do you ever dream of becoming a shareholder of a big American company?
No? Just me?
Even if your answer is negative, I believe you’ll be convinced to become one if I let you know that you can have that for free, sitting at home and just using your phone.

I know it’s possible because I did it. I just *bought* ownership in a big American company and it cost me absolutely nothing!
Below I’m sharing the steps of how I did it and you can do the same in order to start investing without the risk of losing any of your personal money or using anything other than your phone.

What you need:

  • Residency in any European country
  • Any phone that has either Android or iOS
  • That’s it!

TL;DR version of what to do:

  1. Register a free account in Revolut via this link and get a free Visa card + €10 sign-up bonus
  2. Inside the Revolut app register for a free trading account
  3. Exchange the €10 sign-up bonus to US Dollars inside the app as US trading accounts work with US$ (should convert to around 11$)
  4. Fund the trading account with the US Dollars you just converted to
  5. Pick and buy any of the stocks you want within the app

How is this even possible?

There is a new emerging trend in the form of online-only banks in recent years, with attractive signup bonuses and convenience features brick-and-mortar banks simply can’t offer. The one I have been using for the past 6 months or so, Revolut have just released a new feature that lets European users easily buy and sell US stocks from the convenience of our phone screens. They also happen to offer 10 Euros for everyone joining via a referral link like this one for a limited time and I decided to share how to use it in a fun and a bit clickbaity way 🙂

What’s the catch?

There’s a tiny one: You actually have to use the Mastercard you receive for making a payment. You need to add at least 10 euros to your balance before getting the 10 euro referral bonus – But you can use that money in whichever way you want to, so I wouldn’t consider it a hassle

Here are all the steps

Open a Revolut account

If you go through this link, you’ll be taken to a page which will let you know about the gift you are about to receive because you will be using my referral link. Once you enter your number, you’ll get a link to download the app for the online bank which is a very useful bank application overall with more than 7 Million users

You might see a slightly different screen based on the country you are in

Register a trading account inside Revolut

Now I have already registered for my trading account inside Revolut a while ago so can’t show any screenshots for it, but you can just go to your Revolut Dashboard inside the app and register through a straightforward registration form you can fill right on your phone. Afterwards, your trading account screen will look like this

Exchange the money

Based on where you live, you might not need to go through this step or it might be a bit different for you. The bonus I received was in Euros and as trading US company stocks need US Dollars, I exchanged the money inside the app

Did I mention you don’t pay exchange fees in Revolut?

Fund the trading account

Just go back to the trading tab on your dashboard and fund it with however much US dollars you got from the exchange

It ain’t much but who doesn’t like free money, eh?

Pick a stock and … you are a shareholder!

Now you can go through the list of potential stocks and pick whichever company you wanna invest in
My choice was Nvidia but ofcourse you are free to choose any company

If you decide to buy shares of a company with cheaper shares, you can even buy a full share!

And here it is, ladies and gentlemen… the story of how you became a shareholder in a big American company for free!

Now admittedly it’s not much but for me personally it is a step to try the system and if it works as advertised, invest more in the future
It’s crazy how easy it is to invest through this app and I am grateful to Revolut for providing the means and making it really accessible for Europeans to be able to invest

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