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If you are just starting with Peer-to-Peer investments, the best move is to utilize the referral links which offer you extra return on your investment. And as you are here already, you can use my referral links because although not many things in life come for free, helping me out with the costs of running this website or a cup of coffee is!

While I am not a financial advisor, all the platforms I share below are the ones I personally invest in with my own money, and I believe that’s the highest commendation I can ever give


What you get: €5 Bonus on your first deposit + 0,5% Cashback on all your investments made in the first 270 days!
Condition: Invest at least €100 to be eligible for the initial €5 Bonus (Paid within 24 hours). Cashback is calculated and paid in the first 5 days of each month
The Bonus Link: Here


What you get: From €10 to €1000, depending on the amount you invest during your first 14 days after registering
Investment amount condition:
€500 – €10
€1000 – €20
€2500 – €30
€5000 – €60
€10 000 and up – 1% of the amount you invested up to €1000
Bonus is sent within 10 days after the initial 14 day period
The Bonus Link: Here


What you get: Pride of helping out a fellow Financial Independence enthusiast (Yours truly)
Condition: Just register and invest through my link
The Bonus Link: Here

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